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Patty here. The artist behind ChasingAMoment. I believe this is my official, official introduction, like EVER since I usually shy away with stuff like this. Like, that typical question, “Tell me more about yourself” prompt. Umm, looks around awkwardly, I like to eat and spend most of time Illustration and creating - non-stop. I'm always thinking about what to draw next, what new places inspires me, sketching up new ideas and characters, and most importantly what my next meal will be.

Art has always been a part of me since day one. And I’ve been illustrating professionally for the last 12+ years. I mainly focus on character design and visual development and when I get tired of all the digital work, I spend my free time working on my ink work of nature inspired scenery that you see here on ChasingAMoment. I keep it traditional and it’s nice to get back to the roots of creativity - pencil, pen & paper. There’s no better feeling.

I reside in Chino Hills, CA with my husband, our bossy bunny, CoffeeCake and our dog, Otis (who’s really a bear in disguise but more on him another post). I love the desert of the Southwest and Pacific Northwest just as equal - you can see heavily how it reflects in my work. I allow my surrounding to inspire me, like this “Poppies & Peaks” Illustration after visiting a nearby poppy fields that inspired the California’s state flower, Golden Poppies and the rolling hills.

Poppies & Peaks Illustration

I began my journey at the end of 2015 and created ChasingAMoment Instagram account as an place to help me find that work/life balance. At the time, I was working everyday and feeling burnt out quick. I was inspired by all the beautiful landscape I was seeing and I wanted to be a part of it. I mean, didn’t everyone? I was looking for an excuse to get out there and enjoy nature again. I wanted to get deeper into photography and explore new places but soon realized I sucked at taking photos (and hated carrying around a camera when I can be packing more snack in my backpack) and my schedule didn’t allow me to travel much. So I started illustrating the places I wanted to see and everything about nature that inspired me. It was more fulfilling and manageable and some of you took noticed and enjoyed it as well. It was a great way for me to decompress from my other work. I know, the irony, more illustrating to escape the day to day grind of illustrating.

Fast forward a couple years and ChasingAMoment’s shop is born. It was two years in the making and deciding on what products to best display my illustrations on, I wanted to offer something that I’d be really proud of and that you all would love. My Adventure Box set are all the things I love the most, comfy tees with my al time favorite illustrations, stickers to deck out your hydro flash, and a print to make your wall happy, all bundled up in my Adventure Box design. I love, love packaging design and branding so I really wanted to incorporate a specially design box for my first release!

Adventure Box
Adventure Box Contents

My work is minimal but detailed in its own way and I express my feels and thoughts so much better through my illustrations and onto paper than with words. And I hope to continue to illustrate my nature inspired art and share my creations with a community of people who loves nature just as much as I do.

I’ll be sharing my mini adventures, the places that inspired what I create and why I create, and my creative process.

Until next time, keep on adventuring (responsibly)!


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